kickin' up gravel by the motor lodge.

  • Grey “Texas” tank that Ran wears in the Takin’ Pills video
  • Black “Thelma” t-shirt from Junk Gypsy
  • Junk Gypsy Pistol charm necklace
  • "I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight" on vinyl
  • A Timex with a pretty red leather strap
  • A GIANT bottle of Knob Creek from my step-father
  • Lots of random Hello Kittyness
  • Practical kitchen necessities and a floor lamp for my new adult life
  • A mason jar vase decorated by my momma

The sad thing is that both of my shirts are too small, so I have to wait to exchange them before I can wear them. Creyz. Also, my mom called like every record store in Eastern Mass. and Southern NH to find Richard & Linda for me. Eventually ended up ordering it through Bull Moose in Salem and it didn’t come in until yesterday morning. And I’m really happy for my new dish towels, cutting board, lamp, oven mitt, and napkin and paper towel holders because nobody likes having to buy that jazz for themselves.


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